Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

Abgänge und Verabschiedungen 2012

Dem letzten Tag des Kalenderjahres obliegt es wieder, eine Liste der "Abgänge und Verabschiedungen" zu erstellen, sehr subjektiv nach Lieblingen und Liebhabereien, in ihrer eigenen un-alphabetisierten Ordnung, in ihren seltsamen Verkettungen und Assoziationen (des Lebens höchst-selbst) und mit ihren inhärenten, innewohnenden Prioritäten: 

Chris Marker
Theo Angelopoulos
Nora Ephron
Tony Scott
Yash Chopra
Fjodor Saweljewitsch Chitrov
Paulo Rocha
Claude Miller
Helmut Jedele
Eberhrd Itzenplitz
Kurt Maetzig

Ernest Borgnine
Ben Gazzara
Erland Josephson
Vadim Glowna
Susanne Lothar
Herbert Lom
Jack Klugman
Larry Hagman
Charles Durning
Paul Bogart
Sylvia Kristel
Robert Nelson
James Farentino
David Cameron
Warren Stevens
Ruth Hausmeister
Peter Carsten
Günther Kaufmann
Heinz Eckner
Edgar Bessen
Werner Riepel
Gad Beck
Dirk Bach
Hans Jürgen Dietrich

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
Lisa della Casa
Ravi Shankar
Dave Brubeck
Elliott Carter
Hans Werner Henze
Paavo Berglund
Helmut Müller-Brühl
Dave Alexander
Clare Fischer
Maurice André
Heinz Wunderlich
Gustav Leonhardt
Alexis Weissenberg

Marvin Hamlish
Robert Sherman
Hal David
Hazy Osterwald
Etta James
Robin Gibb
Jon Lord
Whitney Houston
Donna Summer
Scott McKenzie
Levon Helms
Donald Dunn
Tony Martin
Andy Williams
Margot Werner
Norbert "Bert" Berger

Oscar Niemeyer
Ray Bradbury
Eric Hobsbawm
Peter Wapnewski

Richard D. Zanuck
Ivan Nagel
Thomas Langhoff
Volker Canaris
Wolfgang Wiens
Hermann Naber
Rolf Kutschera

Rudi van Dantzig
Richard Cragun

Eve Arnold
Homia Vyarawalle
Lillian Bassman
Horst Faas
Cornel Lucas

Amos Vogel
Andrew Sarris
Judith Crist
Ronny Loewy
Helmut W. Banz
Bingham Ray
Brent Grulke
Frank Pierson
Ralph McQuarrie
Eileen Moran
Michael Hopkins
John D. Lowry
Eugene Polley
Peter K. Burkowitz
Alain Derobe
Harris Savides
Norman Joseph Woodland
Jack Tramiel
Bryce Bayer
Sir Patrick Moore

Antoni Tàpies
David Weiss
Jean Giraud, aka "Moebius"
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche
Vidal Sassoon
Neil Armstrong
George McGovern
Helmut Sonnenfeldt
König Norodom Sihanouk

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger
Gore Vidal
Margarete Mitscherlich
Mike Wallace
Anthony Shadid
Andrew Breitbart
Dick Clark
Wolfgang Menge
Harry Valerien
Kurt Stenzel
Ludwig Munzinger
Norbert Walter
Alfred Marquart
Kurt Felix
Wolf Gerlach

Annemarie Griesinger
Georg Leber
Lieselotte Funke
Friedrich Zimmermann
Klaus Schütz
Peter Struck
Jan Brügelmann


Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

9th GLOBIANS DOC FEST Berlin 2013 announces program line-up

9th GLOBIANS DOC FEST Berlin 2013

Globians welt+kultur Dokumentarfilm Festival Berlin 2013

vom 31. Januar - 3. Februar 2013

im KINO TONI • Antonplatz • Berlin-Weißensee


Programm des internationalen Dokumentarfilmfestivals

(Alle Filme in Originalfassung mit ggf. engl. Untertiteln)

Stand: 14.12.2012


Tag 1 – Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

19.00 h - 7pm [1 Vorstellung = 2 Filme]

festival opening: on relationships

To Be An European – Europäer sein:

Love Trips CH/A 2011, 64 min,
dir: Carlo Pisani, multispr. OF, engl. UT – 12 bi-national couples involved in romantic long distance relationships across modern Europe: on people who have to travel to keep their love alive.

Natur-Beobachtung und Selbst-Reflektion:

Mating For Life USA 2012, 49 min,
dir: Cindy Stillwell, engl. OF – A personal pilgrimage to witness the annual spring migration of the sandhill cranes: one of the oldest living birds which is known to mate for life. An essayistic meditation on nature and art, rising essential questions in mid-life about our need for both connection and solitude.

22.00 h - 10pm

To Be An European – Europäer sein:

LAGUNEMINE ITALY 2012, 70 min,
dir: Nicola Piovesan, ital. OF, engl. UT – About three people who live and work in a remote area of the Venetian Lagoon in Italy. A place frozen in time away from civilization. Living in a rarefied and motionless environment of a land that lives in symbiosis with the water.


Tag 2 – Freitag, 01. Februar 2013

18.00 h - 6pm [1 Vorstellung = 2 Filme]

Aufarbeitung von Diktatur, Bürgerkrieg und Unterdrückung: Kolumbien

Panopticon CAN 2010, 30 min,
dir: Diego Samper – A dreamlike and surreal trip through the 120 year old Colombian prison of Ibague after it was closed and emptied of its prisoners. The architecture was loosely based on an emerging British surveillance design, called a Panopticon. The film reveals aspects of contemporary Colombian social and political realities.

Aufarbeitung von Diktatur, Bürgerkrieg und Unterdrückung: Brasilien

„The day that lasted 21 years“ BRAZIL 2012, 77min,
portug. OF, engl. UT, dir: Camilo Tavares
During the Cold War period, between 1964 and 1985, Brazil experienced the longest military dictatorship of South America. The doc reveals how and why the United States supported a conspiracy to overthrow the Brazilian elected President Joao Goulart in 1964.

20.00 h - 8pm

Fremd-Erfahrung und Selbst-Reflektion: das Vermächtnis des Bronislaw Malinowski, Mitbegründer der modernen Anthropologie

Savage Memory USA 2011, 75 min, engl. OF
dir: Kelly Thomson & Zachary Stuart – On the legacy of Bronislaw Malinowski, one of the founding fathers of modern Anthropology and viewed through the lens of his great grandson. Best known for documenting the sex, magic and trade practices of the Trobriand Islanders of Papua New Guinea, Malinowski developed methods in field work for decades of research to come. Malinowski died in 1942 at 58; he left a very controversial legacy behind him: within his own family, among the descendents of the people he studied and within Anthropology.

21.30 h - 9.30pm [1 Vorstellung = 2 Filme]

Fremd-Erfahrung und Selbst-Reflektion – Erinnerung, Wiederbegegnung und alte Mediendokumente – Europäer werden

Back to Mandima CH 2011, 39 min,
frz. OF, engl. UT, dir: Robert-Jan Lacombe – He was 10 years when Rob-Jan left his village of Zaire in1996. War broke out soon after in R.D. Congo. A personal journey, back to his childhood in Africa, to look for his best friends. But a lot has happened in 15 years.

So close so far CH 2012, 74 min,
OF, engl. UT, dir: Michel Favre – Bolivia in the 1950s, after the 1952 revolution, on the Island of the Sun, in the midst of Lake Titicaca. Alberto Perrin films the indigenous community recently emancipated. In 2010 Carmen Perrin, his daughter, returns to the protagonists . Ancestral rites and the spirit of liberty continue to enliven the community, despite the pressure of tourism. Cinema re-edit time: memory is emerging, gestures are invented, ties are woven.


Tag 3 – Samstag, 02. Februar 2013

18.00 h - 6pm [1 Vorstellung = 2 Filme]

Digital Culture – Digitale Kultur | db & PC

Invisible Airs UK 2012, 16min,
engl. OF, dir: Alistair Oldham – The computerized database is radically transforming all of our lives. Artist group YOHA set about making the database visible.

Behind the Screen A 2011, 61 min,
OF, engl. UT, dir: Stefan Baumgartner – In a computerized society decentralized economic workings are difficult to understand based on true life processes: The doc visits main stages which a computer device passes through its life span: Gold-mining in West Africa, assembly by migrant workers, use of computer products in the rich world and final disposal in the electronic waste dumps of Ghana.

20.00 h - 8pm

Digital Culture – Digitale Kultur | China

Crocodile in the Yangtze CHINA 2012, 75min,
OF, engl. UT, dir: Porter Erisman – Jack Ma, a former English teacher, became China‘s very first internet entrepreneur. The doc follows Jack Ma‘s battles with government bureaucrats, international media, fianancing, and U.S. giant eBay to build China‘s first global internet company: – Jack Ma ranked at number 25 of a „Web rich list“, worth more than 1 billion US$. A rare inside story of China‘s internet revolution told through the eyes of an American who worked in a key position of Ma‘s company.

21.30 h - 9.30pm

Universe & Cosmos work in Analogue Mode

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds CAN 2012, 121 min,
engl. OF, dir: Daniel Schmidt – There is one vibratory field that connects all things; it has been named Akasha, OM, music of spheres, Higgs field, dark energy etc. It is the same field of energy that saints, Buddhas, yogis, mystics, priests, shamans and seers, have observed by looking within themselves. This vibratory field is at the root of all spiritual experience and scientific investigation. For all who have come to the threshold of this great mystery, it‘s the common link between all religions, all sciences, and the link between our inner worlds and our outer worlds.


Tag 4 – Sonntag, 03. Februar 2013

16.00 h - 4.00pm [1 Vorstellung = 2 Filme]

To Be An European – Europäer sein:

Light Plate USA 2012, 10 min,
dir: Josh Gibson Situated between tradition and modernity, dawn and night, pasta is made in Italian light. - A „Light Plate“ additionally has a semantic meaning of being a vintage photographic recording device.

Old-Industry-Cities – Alte-Industrie-Städte

Schrebergaart LUX 2011, 56 min,
OF, engl. UT, dir: Yann Tonnar – The city of Esch in Luxembourg once was a proud steel city, and still has a strong culture of allotment gardens: small plots of land made available for individual gardening, organized in a community. With its 90% immigrant population, the gardens microcosm reflect the socio-cultural challlenges of a rapidly changing industrial society. Shot over four seasons, the film combines a precise observation of human nature with an idiosyncratic sense of humor.

17.30 h - 5.30pm

Old-Industry-Cities – Alte-Industrie-Städte

Made in Wolverhampton UK 2011, 74 min,
engl. OF, dir: Adam Kossoff – The melancholic identity of an English post-industrial city in the digital age and the changing nature of space and memory. Using fictional letters to a girlfriend in Havanna, the film is an essay on the city as a space of historical juxtaposition, cinematic montage and unexpected connections to Cuba. Filmed with humour and irony, it is inspired by the ideas of Walter Benjamin regard. the wandering flaneur.

19.00 h - 7pm [1 Vorstellung = 2 Filme]

Der Punjab als Kulturraum: Sikh und Sufi

Himself He cooks B 2011, 65 min,
OF, engl.UT, dir: Valerie Berteau & Philippe Witjes – In the Golden Temple of the Sikh in Amritsar (India) hundreds of volunteers prepare 50,000 free meals every day. The spontaneous choreography of many hands reveals the essence and atmosphere of this fascinating place. An intense observation.

Jaadu (Magic) F 2012, 65 min,
frz.-urdu OF, engl. UT, dir: Barbara Safarova & Bruno Decharme – The encounter of Titi Robin - a French guitarist, oud and bouzouki player - and qawwali master Faiz Ali Faiz brings us powerful Sufi music, burstling of energy and emotion. This encounter, taking place in the Lahore region, leads us to the heart of Sufism, transmitted by deeply tolerant Islam sung by the qawwals. Contemporary music practice of the West meets the Sufi music tradition.

21.30 h - 9.30pm [1 Vorstellung = 2 Filme]

Aufarbeitung von Diktatur, Bürgerkrieg und Unterdrückung: Russland & Kambodscha

New Empire UK 2012, 24 min,
OF, engl.UT, dir: Sasha Litvintseva – Soviet iconography, the cyclicity of history and extreme free-market capitalism tell the story of Modern day Russia and the failure of the Communistic Utopian dream in sci-fi doc style.

When the mangos (WP) SPAIN 2012, 52 min,
khmer OF, engl.UT, dir: Andrea Spalletti – Body art, music and dance can be a way to rediscover personal and cultural identity, a unique tool to rebuild a society: A journey across Cambodia, from the genocide, as told by survivors, until the present day, through the eyes of their sons. Victims of human traffic and domestic violence, of wars, dictatorship and poverty are fighting to improve their life by learning to use their body as a source of empowerment by the means of art.


Eintrittspreise: 7 € | 6 € erm. | Festival-Pass 40 €
Ein Kulturprojekt der Mentor des Wandels gGmbH in Potsdam. Kurator: Dr. Joachim Polzer –
Ein Projektmodell für die kommunikative Vernetzung von unabhängigen Dokfilmern. Kein Industriefestival! –
Kinovorführungen von digitalen Datenträgern in Videoprojektion. – Eintritt ab 18 Jahren (gem. dt. JuSchG).
Programmänderungen vorbehalten. – Veranstalter im Sinne des Veranstaltungsrechts: Fa. Kino Toni Berlin