Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

"Manage Your Private Home Cinema Event"

Aus dem Developer-Blog der neuen CineParty App für iPhone, iPad und iPod touch:

"How the CineParty App came into being…
It all started in a thread called “Access to Film History” of the German film projectionists Internet forum on December 2nd, 2011. Basicly a reaction to late Roger Ebert’s blog article “THE SUDDEN DEATH OF FILM” from November 2 of the same year, some postings of the German film projectionists forum were questioning the need for using App tools to conduct home cinema events in a new way and being part of a new culture of the cinematic experience. From there it was just simply a matter of vision, believe, seriousness, dedication and discipline for designing and creating the CineParty App. — 17 months later were are here, up and running and launched on the AppStore.
May we dedicate today’s launch of the CineParty App to the remembrance of Roger Ebert, who died on April 4 this year…
CineParty App Homepage:
http://www.cineparty.netDeveloper-Blog der CineParty App:

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