Montag, 13. Februar 2012

David Bordwell's "Pandora's Box"

David Bordwell's article series "Pandora's Box" from his Blog on the worldwide conversion to digital cinema projection and its far reaching impact is very good indeed and important to read:

Hightlights so far,

- on the short history of digital cinema exhibition (and which role the Video-CD had played):
"Pandora’s digital box: From the periphery to the center, or the one of many centers"
from January 11, 2012

- on the impact of digitalization to the film festival fare & ventures
"Pandora’s digital box: At the festival"
from January 5, 2012

- on 'the enormity of what film archives face' due to digitalization of cinema
"Pandora’s digital box: Pix and pixels"
from February 13, 2012


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