Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Manfred Salzgeber — biography and bio-doc still missing

Egbert Hörmann's brief hommage article on Manfred Salzgeber is an interesting read from Berlinale's Teddy Award journal at its 25th anniversary run. However it reminds me urgently that an in-depth and detailed written biography on Manfred Salzgeber is still missing after all these years. Manfred Salzgeber was one of the outmost inspirators of its time for bringing German cinema culture, festival curatorship and film publishing to new horizons.

Indeed he was bringing "the salt" into a still grey everyday life soup of Stuttgart and Berlin during the 1960s and 1970s -- before becomming internationally known and renowned as the sidekick of the Berlinale and Moritz de Hadeln during the 1980s in his own right.

Two years ago I publicly questioned that a bio-doc (or even bio-doc series regarding all things considered) on Manfred Salzgeber and on his life, work and influence until today is also still missing sadly:

The reactions after my call made it clear to me that there seems to be a sort of local conflict in multiple perspectives and consisting of several different interest parties involved: the hiers, their inheritance, the remaining artefacts and their legal rights, the commercial continuation of Salzgeber's film distribution, the Berlin International Film Festival and its sudden interest in current Kiezkino but not in their own history track, the Panorama section with the successor of M.S., the Teddy Awards merchandize and now the forthcoming Teddy Academy, plus local Public Radio Television with their archives, licensing strategies and program policies.

So, unfortunatly, it seems continiously that it might not be a comfortable choice to be right in the middle of such an intense conflict of interests with such mighty powerful parties. However this strugge for a Salzgeber biopic becoming real might be a doc (or even a feature movie) in itself, on the Berlin 'Hauptstadtgefühl' with this everlasting presence of the present while neglecting history.


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