Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

The Future of Humans in a Computer-Controlled Future

Until we'll fast arrive at the tipping point when we'd have to express…

There is a German magazine which name we can't tell because of [Leistungsschutzrechte] which has published an essay article of great significance online that we can not quote because of [Urheberrechte] and we even can not provide you with the title of the article because of [Leistungsschutzrechte] let alone with even some snippits or synopsis of what has been expressed because of [Leistungsschutzrechte]. Also the conclusions of this text are of great significance but we can not tell you here because of [Geschmacksmusterrechte]. It's clear that the publication date had something to do with an important German trade fair in information technology which we also can not identify because of [Leistungsschutzrechte].

…it may be better to just use the URL link (as long there is something similar availalble to an URL) and just read:,1518,819825,00.html


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