Freitag, 9. März 2012

Morris Berman

After reading "The Reenchantment of the World" some 25 years ago, I knew author Morris Berman was a very political person -- although the book was published in Germany under the "New Age" series umbrella that was so fashionable during the 1980s and which provided some "strange odor" as a publishing context.

The described consequences of "The Reenchantment of the World" -- if we don't find a postive utopia for our present living in practical, ontological terms we are going to be doomed to regression in terms of our political system in Western Societies -- were very clear and loud. And true as it seems, as we enter the 2010s, when the openess of development during the period of 1990-2010 is coming to a close -- likewise, redundant and as a reminder of the 1890-1910 period.

The results and fruits of Berman's process in enriching consciousness from the days of "The Reenchantment of the World" can now be read in his new book publications since the turn of the century: "The Twilight of American Culture" (2000), "Dark Ages America" (2006), "A Question of Values" (2009) and now "Why America Failed".

Nomi Prins published an extensive interview with Morris Berman today at
Very much recommended for reading:


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