Freitag, 12. Juni 2009

Die Wiederentdeckung einer versunkenen Zivilisation im Hochland von Peru und ihr Konflikt mit den heutigen, lebenden Nachfahren

Film-Nr.: 341
Vorführungstermin: Freitag, 14. August 2009, 18.00 Uhr [VN34]
Themenschwerpunkt: Vom Überleben lokaler Kulturen (2) Peru | Archäologie - Anthropologie - Ethnologie (3)

Englischer Titel: Rapayan
Originaltitel: Rapayan
Deutscher Titel: Rapayan
Herkunft: Kanada 2008
Laufzeit: 52 min.
Sprachfassung: Spanisch-Französische Originalfassung (tw. Quichua), englische Untertitel

Regie: Francis Delfour
Produzent: Sylvie Gagné, Daniel Plante
Schnitt: Nicolas Belpaire
Kamera: Sandra Rodriguez
Musik: Bruno Marcil
Produktion: Arrimage Productions, L'Assomption, Quebec

Premierenstatus: Europäische Erstaufführung
Bisherige Aufführungen: TAC Film Festival, Eugene (Oregon), USA

Kurzinhalt: Ein kanadischer Anthropologe aus Quebec auf den Spuren einer früheren und noch unbekannten Zivilisation im Hochland von Peru, die im Konflikt steht mit ihren heutigen und direkten Nachfahren.

Englische Synopsis: Shot in Peru's highlands, the film follows a Canadian archaeologist from Quebec who has discovered an unknown civilization and the conflict that arises with its direct descendants.

Rapayan (CANADA 2008) postcardRapayan (CANADA 2008) postcardRapayan (CANADA 2008) Director Francis Delfour

Englische Werkbeschreibung: This film is an adventure that whirls together culture shock with elements of the mystical. It focuses on the upheaval that the people of the isolated village of Rapayan are experiencing. Living in Peru’s highlands, they are the direct descendants of a once great civilization. As we follow canadian archaeologist Alexis Mantha and his team searching their ancestors’s ruins, we discover a culture that has forgotten its past. Conflict arrises. The ruins threaten to crumble and Rapayan’s peace is now in jeopardy. The village is going through a turning point. The signs are there. A foreigner is unearthing mummies. A road is being built, linking the village to the rest of the world, openning the path to a different future. Past, present and future are becoming blurred as a paved road advances towards Rapayan and modernity is catching up with it's people. — In Rapayan, the dismembered and mummified remains of the ancestors are lined up on a long wooden counter inside the village school, where they seem to watch over the children. In Rapayan, the villagers have lived in isolation for generations, in a region marked by magnificent highlands, surrounded by spectacular cliffs, terraced crops and numerous streams. In Rapayan, invasions have been numerous; the Incas and Spanish destroyed the old ones’ way of life, but the ancestors’ cult persists. Yet something even more fearful than all of the past’s invaders is slowly advancing toward the village: the highway. In Rapayan, there is also Alexis Mantha, a young Canadian archaeologist who has stumbled on a treasure: 55 ruin sites, including fortresses, murals, multi-story buildings, mausoleums, galleries, warehouses… in short, an entire civilization. This film is an adventure that whirls together culture shock with elements of the mystical. It focuses on the upheaval that the people of Rapayan are experiencing. Perched 4,000 metres high in Peru’s highlands, they have been living according to their traditions for centuries.

Francis Delfour is a director and screenwriter based in Montreal, Canada. In the last eight years he wrote several scripts for both documentary and fictional films which have been broadcasted in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and South America. Mr. Sabbagh, his first documentary as a director, have been programmed in various festivals. He also was director of photography for The Ennemy Within and is a restaurant critique for the Nightlife Magazine. In a previous life Francis Delfour have completed a master’s degree in anthropology.

Dieser Film aus dem Programm des Globians Doc Fest wird wiederholt und zwar am 14. Oktober 2009 um 18.30 Uhr im Eiffelturm-Kino Berlin (im Centre Français de Berlin), Müllerstr. 74, U-Bahnhof Rehberge/Afrikanische Straße.

August 12 - 17, 2009
Kino Toni, Antonplatz

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