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Essayfilme (4) | Kinderseelen (2): Der Abdruck von Fernseh-Nachrichten einer furchtvollen Welt auf Kinderseelen

Film-Nr.: 351
Vorführungstermin: Freitag, 14. August 2009, 19 Uhr (Vorfilm) [VN35]
Themenschwerpunkt: Essayfilme (4) | Kinderseelen (2)

Englischer Titel: I Covered My Eyes
Originaltitel: I Covered My Eyes
Deutscher Titel: Ich bedeckte meine Augen
Herkunft: USA 2008
Laufzeit: 29 min.
Sprachfassung: Englische Originalfassung

Regie: Paul Turano
Produzent: Paul Turano
Schnitt: Paul Turano

URL Film-Homepage:
Premierenstatus: Europäische Erstaufführung
Bisherige Aufführungen: Hartford International Film Festival, Art Cinema, Hartford (Connecticut) USA; FLEX FEST, Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival, Gainsville (Florida), USA; MAGA, Macon Film and Video Festival, Macon (Georgia) USA; The End of Television, Ian Page, programmer, Pittsburg (Pennsylvania) USA;

Kurzinhalt: Kompilationsfilm über eine furchtvolle und bedrohliche Welt als Abdruck von Fernsehnachrichten auf Kinderseelen und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Entwicklung einer Unterscheidungsfähigkeit von Gut und Böse.


Englische Synopsis: A film essay reconsidering television newscasts I witnessed as a kid in the 1970's and early 1980's with an eye toward understanding their effect on my sense of personal and political identity in an increasingly vulnerable world.

I Covered My Eyes (USA 2008) still>I Covered My Eyes (USA 2008) Director Paul Turano

Englische Werkbeschreibung: I Covered My Eyes investigates childhood notions of threat and safety by juxtaposing TV news broadcasts of tragic world events with home movie footage. The project was first conceived after seeing the televised images broadcast live on September 11 2001, and wondering what children must be feeling upon witnessing this horrific act within our own borders. Soon after, I wrote a list of the tragic events I distinctly remember witnessing on TV as a child in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. By adopting a child’s perspective, the film evokes my experience of learning about the outside world through news broadcasts, and the accompanying sense of threatened safety from forces outside my immediate family and community. As the sense of vulnerability grows throughout the film from abstract threats to more immediate and actual ones, the seemingly innocent and idyllic world of my childhood becomes overshadowed by an increasing awareness of its fragility and precariousness.

Director's Bio in Englisch: Paul Turano has independently produced numerous personal films and videos. His work has been exhibited nationally and abroad and has been shown at festivals throughout North America, including the Black Maria, Ann Arbor, Athens International, Hartford International, and the New England Film and Video festivals. In his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts his films have been screened at the Harvard Film Archive, the Coolidge Corner Theater, the Embassy Theater, and the Museum of Fine Arts. He is the recipient of a Media Fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and a Moving Image Fund Grant from the LEF Foundation. He has taught film production and film studies at Hampshire College, Massachusetts College of Art, Harvard University, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. He is currently an Artist-in-Residence at Emerson College. His recent digital video "I Covered My Eyes," won 3rd place at FLEX FEST, and 3rd place in the experimental category at MAGA Film and Video Festival. He is currently completing a ½ hour 16mm film “Windows onto Montebello Rd.” a meditation on personal space and the pre-millennial American political landscape.

Dieser Film aus dem Programm des Globians Doc Fest wird wiederholt und zwar am 09. Dezember 2009 um 20.00 Uhr im Eiffelturm-Kino Berlin (im Centre Français de Berlin), Müllerstr. 74, U-Bahnhof Rehberge/Afrikanische Straße.

August 12 - 17, 2009
Kino Toni, Antonplatz

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