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Papier als Kunst, Papier als Kriegswaffe (1): Die Papier-Kunst der Maya Onoda

Film-Nr.: 131
Vorführungstermin: Mittwoch, 12. August 2009, 21 Uhr (Vorfilm) [VN13]
Themenschwerpunkt: Japan-USA (1) | Papier als Kunst, Papier als Kriegswaffe (1)

Englischer Titel: MAYA ONODA — Nomadic Home
Originaltitel: MAYA ONODA — Nomadic Home
Deutscher Titel: MAYA ONODA — Nomadisches Zuhause
Herkunft: USA 2008
Laufzeit: 25 min
Sprachfassung: Englische Originalfassung

Regie: Rima Yamazaki
Produzent: Rima Yamazaki
Schnitt: Rima Yamazaki
Kamera: Rima Yamazaki

URL Film-Homepage: +
Premierenstatus: Internationale Premiere
Bisherige Aufführungen: NewFilmmakers Spring Festival in New York, USA (WP)

Kurzinhalt: Die Arbeit mit Papier der japanischen Künstlerin Maya Onoda, die Brooklyn, New York, als ihre "nomadische Heimat" bezeichnet.

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Englische Synopsis: This documentary is about a young Japanese artist, Maya Onoda, living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She considers herself as a 'nomad' and her art which she makes as her 'nomadic' home. Introducing her art, this documentary seeks what she is trying to do through making art and what her identity is like here in the United States, which is far away from her own country.

MAYA ONODA — Nomadic Home (USA 2008)
photo: Maya Onoda

Englische Werkbeschreibung: New York is an artworld center. But at the same time, there are also big issues of culture, identity and nationality for foreign artists. How does it influence the artists and their art to live and work in a foreign city? This documentary is about Maya Onoda, a Japanese artist living and working in New York City. She came to the United States ten years ago and she studied art at California State University. After she earned a BFA there, she moved to New York, which was about 4 years ago. She received a MFA at Pratt Institution in Brooklyn and currently she belongs to Magnan Projects Gallery in New York. Maya makes installation art. She considers herself as a “nomad” because she goes back and forth between two different cultures, American and Japanese cultures. She also calls her installation art as a “nomadic tent,” which means a portable home she can carry around anywhere with her. Her installation creates an intimate atmosphere. She uses materials which she collects in her daily life. She gives another lives to these materials by “recycling” them, turning them into art. These performances — collecting and recycling — are deeply related to her memory of her childhood and her mother. Most Japanese women, especially older generation, have habits of collecting things and making another things from old stuffs by recycling. Sewing which she often uses in her art is also related to her mother; her mother was good at dressmaking and Maya had often seen her mother sewing and making clothes for her. However, her art has not only a “Japanese” sense. After she moved to the United States, she discovered her own identity, which was not only as a Japanese, but as “herself.” That is another reason why she considers herself as a “nomad.” She maintains her true identity through making her art, her “nomadic home” in a foreign city.

Director's Bio: Rima Yamazaki is a documentary film/videomaker born in Japan, 1982, living and working in New York since 2006. She studied Sociology at Hitotsubashi University in Japan and earned a B.A. in Sociology. There she mainly studied about Muslim immigrants in European countries, but through making documentary videos based on field researches, her interest gradually shifted to visual art. She made her first documentary video “Color on Colors” in 2004, which is about a young Japanese artist, Satoshi Uchiumi. After she moved to New York in 2006, she started focusing on making documentaries on art and artists, such as “In the Studios: 6 MFA Students at Hunter College in New York” and “MAYA ONODA: Nomadic Home.” Now she is also interested in cultural relationships and artists living in the globalized world.

MAYA ONODA — Nomadic Home (USA 2008) director Rima Yamazaki
photo: Rima Yamazaki

August 12 - 17, 2009
Kino Toni, Antonplatz

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