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Und wer ist Ihr Landwirt? Local Food Movement (1) | Essayfilme (1): Die Alchemie des Brotbackens

Film-Nr.: 241
Vorführungstermin: Donnerstag, 13. August 2008, 18.30 Uhr (Vorfilm) [VN24]
Themenschwerpunkt: Und wer ist Ihr Landwirt? — Local Food Movement (1) | Essayfilme (1)

Englischer Titel: Alchemy
Originaltitel: Alchemy
Deutscher Titel: Alchemie
Herkunft: Norwegen 2007
Laufzeit: 20 min
Sprachfassung: Der Film enthält keine Dialoge.

Regie: Eva Bakkeslett
Produzent: Eva Bakkeslett, Clive Ardagh
Schnitt: Clive Ardagh
Kamera: Clive Ardagh

URL Film-Homepage:
Premierenstatus: Deutsche Erstaufführung
Bisherige Aufführungen: Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, Toronto, Kanada; Documentary Fortnight 2009, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York City, USA; North Norwegian Contemporary Art Festival, (Preis der Jury), Bodø, Norwegen; Companion Festival of Bread, Dartington, UK; Desire Lines - Arts and Ecology symposium, Dartington, UK.

Kurzinhalt: Die Alchemie des Brotbackens — Kunst und Ökologie


Englische Synopsis: A poetic evocation on the alchemy of bread brings the act of baking the most basic of staples, into a high art form. Here nature and human culture collude. Hands pounding, mixing, kneading and stretching, reveal the choreographed rhythms and movements of bread making. Alchemy is a beautifully executed and lyrical film about an activity once ubiquitous in almost every household.

Alchemy (Norway 2007) stillAlchemy (Norway 2007) still

Englische Werkbeschreibung: The baker and protagonist of Alchemy was brought up in Arctic Norway where baking bread is still common in many homes. Her rhythmical movements and confident touch is rooted to generations of woman baking their bread. The timeless beauty of the process brings baking into the realm of poetry and the art that goes beyond the walls of the gallery and onto our kitchen tables. Alchemy gives us the impetus to rediscover and reconnect to the ancient art of bread-baking. It reminds us of the connections between nature and culture and of traditional knowledge and skills we have forgotten. This film is one of a series of short films by the director and producer that reveals the beauty, the sacred and the significant in our everyday world.

Alchemy (Norway 2007) director Eva Bakkeslett

Kurzbio Regie: Eva Bakkeslett is a cultivator in the field of arts & ecology. She plants seeds to encourage social growth and environmental change and cultivates her art with a desire to reenergize our engagement with and awareness of the earth. Her passion lies in the interface between nature and culture. Using any suitable medium and interdisciplinary collaboration she spends time in playful exploration revealing the subtle and invisible wonders of life. Her work is often contextualised through interactive community events to inspire and engage people to sense, feel, think and act.

August 12 - 17, 2009
Kino Toni, Antonplatz

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