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KinoÜberKino (3): Ein Geburtstagskuchen für die jährliche Geburtstagsparade zu Ehren von Charlie Chaplin im indischen Adipur

Film-Nr.: 422
Vorführungstermin: Samstag, 15. August 2009, 15 Uhr (Hauptfilm) [VN42]
Themenschwerpunkt: KinoÜberKino (3) | Indien (1)

Englischer Titel: The Boot Cake
Originaltitel: The Boot Cake
Deutscher Titel: Der Stiefel-Kuchen
Herkunft: Australien 2008
Laufzeit: 74 min.
Sprachfassung: Englische Originalfassung (tw. Gujarati, Hindi), englische Untertitel

Regie: Kathryn Millard
Produzent: Kathryn Millard
Drehbuch: Kathryn Millard
Schnitt: Andrew Soo
Kamera: Himman Dhimaji, Mrinal Desai, Steve Macdonald
Musik: Elena Kats-Chernin
Produktion: Charlie Productions Pty Ltd, Sydney

URL Film-Homepage:
Premierenstatus: Deutsche Erstaufführung
Bisherige Aufführungen: Chicago International Film Festival USA; Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brasilien; Pordenone Silent Film Festival, Italien; Palm Beach International Film Festival, USA; Chinh India Community Film Festival, Indien; Egypt International Film Festival, Ägypten; Honolulu International Film Festival, USA; Mexico International Film Festival, Mexiko; Zlin Film Festival for Children and Youth, Tschechische Republik; Dungog Film Festival, Australien.

The Boot Cake (Australia 2008) poster motief

Kurzinhalt: Im indischen Adipur wird der jährliche Geburtstag von Charlie Chaplin durch den lokale Charlie-Chaplin-Fanclub mit einer Parade aus verkleideten Look-Alikes groß gefeiert. Die Filmemacherin Kathryn Millard auf der Suche nach einem passenden Geburtstagsgeschenk: ein Chaplin-Stiefel als Kuchen. Ein Dokumentarfilm über die Frage, warum gerade in Indien gerade Charlie Chaplin so gefeiert wird.

The Boot Cake (Australia 2008)

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Englische Synopsis: It's Charlie Chaplin's birthday party and a desert town in western India - home to the world's largest population of Tramp impersonators - is throwing a party. A wonderful, mad poignant story of resilience and hope.

Englische Werkbeschreibung: “It’s Charlie Chaplin’s birthday party in Adipur, India – and we’re bringing the cake.” — Adipur is a small desert town in Kutch district in the state of Gujarat, on the edge of western India’s famous salt plains. Adipur is the unlikely home of the world’s largest population of Charlie Chaplin impersonators. The Charlie Circle of Adipur embraces businessmen, shopkeepers, a doctor who prescribes Chaplin movies for medicinal purposes, teachers, engineers, students and a three-year-old pre-schooler. They all share a passion for the silent film star of the early 1900s, with his twirling cane, wobbly walk and agitated eyebrows. Award-winning Australian film-maker Kathryn Millard stumbled across the beguiling Charlie Circle during research for another film project. She was immediately invited to join their 116th birthday celebrations, which included a parade of Charlie look-alikes through town along with dancing girls, floats, strolling musicians and a camel. Would she do them the honour of bringing the grand centrepiece: the birthday cake?

The Boot Cake (Australia 2008)>The Boot Cake (Australia 2008)>The Boot Cake (Australia 2008)

And not just any cake, but one in the shape of a boot, as homage to the famous scene in The Gold Rush, where the starving Tramp boils and eats his own boot. This was the improbable beginning of an intriguing journey, which takes us from the luxurious kitchens of a posh Mumbai hotel, into the bustle and exuberance of India, where Chaplin is at home on shrines alongside revered Hindu god Krishna. Along the way, we’re introduced to some of the world’s earliest Chaplin imitators including Australia’s Ern Vockler. After all, Charlie lookalikes were on the scene long before Elvis. We meet a host of Charlie devotees: Dr. Aswani, the founder of the Charlie Circle, Tollywood and Bollywood megastar Kamal Hassan, young aspiring actor, Viswajeet and the urbane Mumbai Charlie, Prevan. We ponder the spiritual resonance felt by so many people for the battler with his toothbrush moustache and baggy pants. The Boot Cake explores how one community, reeling from the tragedy of the Gujarat earthquake that killed 200,000 people, finds hope and inspiration in the comic genius of Charlie Chaplin, one of the global icons of the past century. We see through their eyes, the pathos and humour of his unique physical comedy and the bitter-sweetness of his philosophies. And in moments of pure Chaplinesque absurdity we find ourselves sharing Kathryn’s concern that the chocolate truffle sponge with the cashew marzipan icing will melt in the 50 degree heat. Funny, poignant and thought-provoking, The Boot Cake layers film clips, impersonators, interviews with behind the scenes footage of Charlie’s Adipur birthday party. It is a story of resilience, unorthodox spirituality and ultimately, the power of cinema.

The Boot Cake (AUS 2008) Director Kathryn Millard

Dieser Film aus dem Programm des Globians Doc Fest wird wiederholt und zwar am 07. Oktober 2009 um 22.15 Uhr im Berliner Kino "Eva Lichtspiele", Blissestraße 18, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, U-Bahnhof Blissestraße.

Dieser Film aus dem Programm des Globians Doc Fest wird wiederholt und zwar am 14. Oktober 2009 um 21.30 Uhr im Eiffelturm-Kino Berlin (im Centre Français de Berlin), Müllerstr. 74, U-Bahnhof Rehberge/Afrikanische Straße.

August 12 - 17, 2009
Kino Toni, Antonplatz

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