Samstag, 11. April 2009

The Dark Side of Google

Mit tatkräftiger Unterstützung aus Indien (!) durch The Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore; The Tactical Technology Collective, Bangalore Office; Visthar, Dodda Gubbi post, Kothanyur-Bangalore; und The Meyberg-Acosta Household, Pune; ist bei der Mailingliste [nettime] eine kapitelweise, englische Übersetzung der italienischen Buchveröffentlichung

The Dark Side of Google
der 'Ippolita Collective'

unter CC-Lizenz erschienen, die im [nettime]-Blog nachzulesen ist.

Heute erschien der erste Teil des siebenten Kapitels. Ein kurzer Auszug:

The rise of Information technology to the status of main mover of
technological innovation makes new scenarios possible: IT is not merely a
technique to automatise the management of information, it also has a logic
of its own, meaning that it constantly strives to alter its own
underpinnings. IT is all at once material, theoretical and experimental.
IT applies to the formalisation of language (and hence contributes to the
formalisation of knowledge), and puts that to work with the physical
components of electronics, developing from there languages which in their
turn influence theories of knowledge. IT functions as a loop of sorts,
following a very particular cyclical process.


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