Samstag, 11. April 2009

Geoff Gilmore

Der ehemalige Leiter des Sundance Film Festivals, Geoff Gilmore, hat im Blog des Tribeca-Medienprojektes eine erste Standortmeldung aus New York City gepostet.

Darin folgende interessante Aussage:

The new world has a global and eclectic face to it for many reasons: international film has changed and prospered, the old art film is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and the new global independent is seeking to find his/her place on whatever platform is available. Indeed, independent filmmaking is probably at a point where it needs to evolve to continue to have import, where its impact on the landscape of American film and film culture over the last three decades is morphing into something else—something that isn’t entirely familiar.

The world of film festivals is itself transforming and undergoing a reexamination, as just one aspect of this metamorphosis. It has to; otherwise, festivals will be irrelevant in a decade. We live in an age where information is overwhelming, but knowledge is scarce. The generation who now sees films knows far more about cinema, about global filmmaking and independent art and aesthetics than my generation did in the ’70s. But I daresay that it cares about it a lot less. Is this true? Is it a condemnation or a statement of fact?



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