Montag, 18. Mai 2009

Hobbits, Bilbo, Frodo und Chirons Lektionen der Radixrückkehr

DHARMARUCI hat immer sehr lesenswerte, frisch gedachte, wassermännische Posts in seinem Blog ASTROTABLETALK. Jüngst einer zur Radixwiederkehr von Chiron im Lebensalter von 50/51 Jahren. Chiron als der verwundete Heiler, aber auch als der Lehrer und Leiter einer mythologischen Heroren- und Helden-Lehranstalt. DHARMARUCI nimmt sich nun in einem sehr lesenswerten Posting die literarischen Gestalten Bilbo und Frodo dafür als Richtungsweiser:

Chiron takes us to the point where we are on our own, where, if you like, we need to discover our own inner teacher. We tend to associate heroic quests with youth; but the real quest is to find the deeper independence of spirit, the gold in our souls, that usually requires age and years of testing. It is in the nature of human consciousness to be collective, to gain its security (unconsciously) from thinking the same as others. Chiron takes us out of that, and this is why there is often an ‘outsider’ quality to those with a marked Chiron. This ‘outsider’ quality, which is also their ‘wound’, forces the issue, as psychological security cannot be found in acceptance from the collective.

Und vom ihm zur gerade eben statt findenden Dreierkonjunktion von Jupiter-Chiron-Neptun vor ein paar Tagen seine kommentierende Ergänzung:

Remarkably, there was also a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Sept 1945, but only briefly and not so closely. This conjunction occurred in Libra, and in its wake came the UN and the reconstruction of Europe, financed by an enlightened USA. It was a big dream (Jupiter-Neptune) of a fairer, more peaceful world (Libra) that would heal the wounds of the past (Chiron).


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