Sonntag, 15. März 2009

Die Zukunft der Römischen Verträge

Was sagen eigentlich die Astrologen zur Zukunft der Römischen Verträge und zur Zukunft der EU?

Fragen wir doch doch mal DHARMARUCI aus Glastonbury, UK.

Hier der Link:

Der entscheidende Passus der Prognose:

So there are very strong transformative pressures already under way in both charts. Pluto takes us down to bare necessities, to that which we need for our survival and continued evolution: anything else is dross, and has to go. Uranus can bring sudden separation and disintegration. The EU, as I have said, does not have a reason to stay together on a survival level. The astrology is telling me quite unambiguously that the EU is going to unravel in the coming years. The most that I can see being left is a protectionist bloc made up of some of the richer countries.


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